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  • A notary will confirm your document signatures and make a certified copy of your original documents.
  • Please ensure you do not sign it unless you are in the presence of a Notary Public as they will witness your signature and verify your identity.

Power of Attorney

  • A power of attorney is a legal document that gives a person the right to make either financial or health care decisions on your behalf. If something were to happen to you, which affects your ability to make decisions for yourself, you will need a person to make decisions for you.
  • You should consider speaking with an experienced criminal lawyer before handing over this power to anyone.

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  • An affidavit is a written statement, voluntarily made under oath by an affiant or deponent. It is administered by a commissioner for taking affidavits such as Alex De Boyrie.
  • A commissioner administers the oath of the person swearing that the affidavit is true. The commissioner also signs the document to verify they witnessed the signing of the document.

Sponsorship Letters

  • This is a wonderful step in the process of assisting one’s family members to immigrate to or visit Toronto, Ontario.
  • To be able to sponsor a family member you must:
  1. Be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada,
  2. Live in Canada,
  3. Have income to support the sponsored relative,
  4. Be at least 18 years of age


  • A statutory declaration is authorized by the Canada Evidence Act and is used to assert the truth of any fact, or of any account made in writing.
  • The declaration solely contains information provided by the applicant. The applicant must then sign the declaration in front of the Notary in order to verify that the signature is authentic.