Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

A Guide to Selecting Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

If you are charged with a criminal case, it is wise to hire legal counsel as soon as possible. Self-representation without consulting with a criminal lawyer is not advised because the repercussions of a criminal conviction could be severe and long-lasting.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer before going to court for the first time is necessary to handle your case properly right from the beginning. An experienced legal professional will be able to tell you in detail what will occur at the court and will assist you in making appropriate statements for the record. The Criminal Code’s section 650.01 permits you to name an attorney to represent on your behalf. So, if you lead a busy lifestyle filled with family obligations and demanding work, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer.

There are many great lawyers to choose from, but it is difficult to select the best criminal defense lawyer in Toronto. Here, we will give you tips and tricks to help you choose the right one, including what to look out for.

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Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a legal professional is a wise decision because the fee for hiring an attorney is minimal as compared to losing your case. A criminal defense lawyer can quickly discover the factors and defenses that help to remove the charges relating to the alleged crime because they are well aware of the differences between all criminal cases.

Let’s look at some critical circumstances where hiring a criminal defense lawyer is necessary.

1. Understanding the Judicial System:

The crucial reason for hiring a lawyer is his knowledge of your country’s judicial system. Even those who work in the legal system daily find it difficult to comprehend. Therefore, you must hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will guide you through the court process. Alex De Boyrie’s criminal defense law firm Toronto is also well known in the greater Toronto area.

2. Observing proper court procedure:

There is a lot of paperwork and legal hurdles while preparing for court. Most criminal courts have strict deadlines, backlogs, and legal processes that can cause you to neglect your obligations. As a result, you need to have the strong backing of a knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorney. If you have an experienced legal professional in your corner, he will not compromise on your defense. You are more likely to obtain a plea agreement if the prosecution knows that you represent yourself with skill and expertise.

3. Relationships with Prosecutors:

An experienced defense lawyer has contact with prosecutors because they have been in the legal sector for a long time. Even though this may seem strange, lawyers get along well with their rivals. That is because both parties know that getting to know one another can improve their experience. Therefore, you can anticipate that an experienced defense lawyer you select will have a positive working relationship with your prosecutor. The outcome of your case may benefit from this partnership.

4. Improving analysis of the evidence:

A competent person knows how to find evidence against you that may be collected to tamper with your case. Additionally, your defense lawyer knows how to tackle witnesses who distort the truth to support the claimed crime and can immediately draw attention to any flaws in their statement. You must thus retain a criminal defense attorney to review the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses. These connections can be discussed to add stronger evidence to your defense.

5. You’ll Save Money:

You have to end up spending your savings while defending your case. It may seem costly, but an expert lawyer on your side will lead your case smoothly and efficiently. You can lose your income without expertise because your case can go on for long intervals. So, a lawyer can reduce your time, which may help you get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

6. Get Expert Legal Advice:

Due to years of experience as your criminal defense lawyer, he comes up with the legal way to defend your case.  You can be confident that your defense attorney is well-versed in the legal system and is knowledgeable about all the recent changes to the law. He is skilled at defending your rights from the police and the prosecution. He will thoroughly examine your case to look for any evidence against you that might have been obtained illegally. He can refute false accusations using convincing proof.

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Tips for Finding a Great Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Although one of the key principles of common law is the presumption of innocence, set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the truth is that our complicated legal system is difficult to understand by ordinary people. The central principle of our justice is that a person has an opportunity to clear their name in court before being convicted of a crime. So, a fair trial may not be possible without a criminal defense lawyer. From a mediator to a bail lawyer to a defender in court, legal attorneys play various roles while working with you.

Whether you are dealing with Ontario arrest warrants or allegations of domestic assault, a criminal lawyer can assist you in navigating the occasionally confusing legal system, empowering you to tell your side of the story and ensuring that you have access to the protections provided by the law,

Here are five crucial characteristics of a criminal defense lawyer in Toronto, if you have been accused of a crime and want efficient legal counsel.

1. Experience

The first and foremost thing to consider when selecting a criminal lawyer in Toronto is experience. The greater experience that your lawyer has will allow him to be able to add more tools to your case.

The greatest criminal lawyers have extensive knowledge in both their chosen subject and related fields. A litigator who has served as a prosecutor will have a unique perspective on how the legal system functions because they have experience working both for the Crown and individual clients. A defense lawyer with experience in both provincial and superior courts will have a wealth of knowledge that can be used to your advantage.

2. Capability

A person must pass through formal education to obtain a J.D. or LL.B. degree from an approved law school to practice in Ontario or Toronto. Although all the lawyers have these formal credentials, you have to choose the one who is up-to-date with new legislation and knowledge.

The federal government often changes and adjusts the criminal code. Because of this, you should seek out a criminal defense law firm in Toronto, a law company with a track record of staying current on legal advancements. 

3. Services Offered

Many criminal lawyers in Toronto concentrate on a small number of crimes, but Alex De Boyrie has experience in many other fields and can provide a wide range of services.

We can assist in defending your rights, whether you require assistance understanding Ontario’s impaired driving laws or desire an accomplished criminal defense attorney by your side during a bail hearing.

4. Transparency

Check for honesty and attention before putting a case in someone’s hands. To ask any queries or get help whenever you need it, you have to enhance your relationship with your legal advisor.

Good defense lawyers provide complete transparency so that you always know what is happening and what to anticipate as your case moves through the legal system.

5. Empathy and Support

Being accused of a crime is terrifying, and your lawyer is one of the only people you can trust to stand by your side during the entire procedure. Because of this, your attorney must be sympathetic and helpful to you at this trying time.

Whatever the outcome, expressing your emotions with someone who will not judge you and treat you with respect can make this situation easier to accept.

Some Fundamental Issues to Consider When Dealing with a Criminal Lawyer

If you have got the whole scenario of your case and are ready to deal with a criminal defense lawyer, the following basic issues you must consider:

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Is the lawyer a criminal defense attorney?

Sometimes a lawyer will accept a case without the necessary expertise, whether on purpose or accidentally. Keep in mind that the laws are now becoming more complicated. So, most lawyers are restricted to specific areas.

Ask the lawyer about his area of interest before putting your case in his hand. Go online and check his website if he has to see what kind of issues he’s dealing with.

Does the Lawyer give guarantees?

A criminal lawyer will rarely guarantee the outcome of a case, bail, or sentence. Our law remains unpredictable about outcomes until a complete procedure or process. Instead, a lawyer should give an honest prediction based on his experience of what he and his client can expect.


Be clear about the fee and charges before proceeding with the case. The word “retainer” is another word for a fee in the criminal law field. Be clear with the lawyer about money. The “retainer,” which is really another name for their fees, is what criminal defense attorneys refer to as. Keep your mind calm by knowing the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the nature of the retainer?
  • Is it a block service price or an hourly rate?
  • What legal services are you seeking from the Lawyer?


Your lawyer must be available to respond to you and your calls promptly. He should keep you informed throughout the legal procedure. If he can’t, find another available one.

Pay attention to your lawyer

You go to a lawyer because he is an expert and you need help, guidance, and advice. So, follow his advice and guidance. If you don’t, why do you give him money?

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Why should Lawyer be from the Greater Toronto Area?

Your attorney must appear in court on your behalf if you are facing criminal charges. This will entail appearing in court to demand disclosure, engaging in pre-trial negotiations with the Crown, and possibly holding a trial. Each of these steps must be taken in the courtroom where your allegations are being heard.

If you have been charged with a crime in the Greater Toronto Area, you must find an experienced and dependable criminal lawyer. Outside of that area, it can be an expensive one.

Give all the Details.

Provide all the relevant details to your lawyer. Perhaps what you consider irrelevant can be important to the lawyer. Generally, questions from lawyers are quite deliberate. A good rule of thumb is to give all the answers to the lawyer’s questions honestly.

Alex De Boyrie-Toronto’s Trusted Defense Lawyer

We think Alex De Boyrie might be the best lawyer to defend you against your criminal allegations. He has years of expertise defending people in criminal cases, and he’s dedicated to diligently fighting for you to get the best result in your case.

He deals with cases related to bail hearings, drug offenses, youth crimes, sexual offenses, impaired driving, weapons and firearms, harassment, and manslaughter matters.