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Dumpster Diving and Tresspassing: Alex DeBoyrie Joins CBC News

Originally Published on CBC

Listen to Alex on CBC Radio

It’s the bewitching hour of 9 p.m., and the sun’s warmth has yielded to the embrace of the night. Valérie Binet maneuvers her van into a discreet spot behind a Richmond Hill shopping center, just north of Toronto. Accompanied by her faithful four-legged companion, Reese, she steps into a world of discarded possibilities. Before us stand two waste containers, harbouring the potential for hidden treasures. Tonight’s catch? A plush canine mattress.

Valérie’s eyes gleam with a mix of excitement and reflection as she shares, “A minor flaw led to this mattress being discarded, but it’s still got life left in it. Someone out there will surely find joy in it.”

A former soldier and ex-policewoman, Valérie’s journey into the realm of urban gleaning, commonly known as dumpster diving, commenced two years ago. The premise is straightforward – sifting through discarded materials for edible items and salvageable objects.

With an animated demeanour, Valérie unveils a colourful array of her discoveries. “From furnishings to children’s playthings, decorations to confectionery, and even pet provisions, my findings span a diverse spectrum. Some bear scars of use, while others remain untainted, relegated to this fate due to retail cycles.”

However, Valérie Binet’s intent surpasses personal acquisition. “I am a conduit,” she reveals, “redistributing these discoveries to the homeless and funnelling support toward organizations aiding the vulnerable. Countless blankets have found new purpose, warming those without shelter.”

A resident of the Toronto area for over two decades, Valérie is taken aback by the sheer volume of consumables and intact items relegated to the containers of corporate giants.

As night deepens, Valérie immerses herself in this unconventional pursuit, not deterred by darkness. Yet, her respect for boundaries is unmistakable; she avoids locked dumpsters and those enclosed by fencing. “It’s a gesture of acknowledgment,” she affirms, “a recognition that certain corporations intend to safeguard the privacy of their discards.”

Amidst the dark hours, Valérie uncovers a ready-to-assemble furniture piece, accompanied by an array of toys, embellishments, and delectable chocolate bars. With each stop, her vehicle’s cargo space transforms into a trove of potential. “We’re assembling an entire living room here!” she exclaims, undeterred by the rainfall that graces the night.

Valérie’s physical and mental agility are evident as she scales the containers. Sporting a sweater bearing the insignia “Vétérans du Canada,” a tribute to her military background, Valérie has found solace in this pursuit. Amidst the shadows of post-traumatic stress disorder, she has found an avenue to channel her energy and thoughts.

“In each find, an investigation unfolds,” Valérie muses. “I weigh potential beneficiaries and relish the satisfaction of being of service.”

After navigating multiple shopping centers and exploring numerous containers, Valérie’s vehicle now cradles the fruits of her nightly endeavours. A final stop near a pet store reveals a treasure trove – six bags of dog sustenance, mostly unopened, accompanied by toys and cat litter.

With a keen eye for expiration dates, Valérie’s next destination is clear – an animal shelter, poised to receive her thoughtful contributions.

A smile dances on Valérie’s lips, a testament to the profound satisfaction she derives from urban gleaning. In every night’s journey lies the promise of yet another meaningful chapter in her ongoing saga of discovery.

In the context of Valérie’s efforts, legal expert Alex DeBoyrie weighs in, highlighting the intricate boundaries of trespassing and legality in such pursuits. The legal framework, explains Alex DeBoyrie, a distinguished criminal lawyer based in Toronto, “is often shrouded in ambiguity, requiring case-by-case interpretation. When a business disposes of its waste in a publicly accessible location, the presumption is that the waste is no longer private.”

However, Alex DeBoyrie adds a crucial caveat:

“If a dumpster is locked, and one forcibly breaks the padlock to access it, that action could lead to misdemeanor charges.”

In a full radio interview, Alex DeBoyrie delves deeper into these legal nuances, providing listeners with an informed perspective on the legal landscape surrounding activities like dumpster diving and trespassing. As Valérie Binet continues her unique mission, it’s clear that the intersection of urban gleaning, ethics, and the law presents a multifaceted exploration of modern societal dynamics.

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